Austin City Limits 2018

You may remember that ACL was part of my 2017 festival bonanza! It was my first time in Texas and a complete blast. ¬†Shout out to one of my best festival friends, Megan, for taking me along for the ride (it was actual mutual peer pressure). Fast forward to late this summer. The husband and... Continue Reading →

A Day at Osheaga 2018

Want to check an international music festival off your bucket list? Let us recommend a visit to Montreal for the annual Osheaga Music and Arts Festival. I attended the Osheaga for the first time this year, snagging a day pass for Sunday so I could catch my queen Florence Welch as she closed out the... Continue Reading →

Lollapalooza 2017

Megan and I made an agreement - I don't know if it was really a compromise - but in my mind, I agreed to go to Lolla if she would go to ACL. In reality, we both wanted to go to both anyway - and I am pretty sure she already had tickets to ACL.... Continue Reading →

The Meadows – 2017

Through Firefly, I started using the app Socialladder to sell tickets to friends for festivals in exchange for rewards. After my work with Firefly was such a success, I signed up for the Meadows and ended up earning a VIP ticket. I wasn't even sure if I was going to end up using it, but... Continue Reading →

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