Festival Essentials

Hello from Arizona! Phoenix is beautiful and I have already seen a cactus (well actually many of them). So I guess I finally get to use the word cacti. Tomorrow our first festival adventure of the season begins at M3F Festival - formerly known as McDowell Mountain Music Festival - ohhhhhhh I get it, those... Continue Reading →

How I Won Free Tickets to Boston Calling

Settle down children and let ole man stories (me, a 25-year-old girl) spin you a tale of one extremely broke girl (again, me) and her quest to win tickets to Boston Calling by any means necessary.* *Any means that did not require her to travel farther than like, a mile from her apartment or talk to anyone she did not want to talk to.

The Firefly Festival Camping Experience

Camping has always been an awesome part of the Firefly experience, but it sounds like we are in for some awesome changes/additions to the experience in 2019. Firefly Festival is promoting the camping experience as "The Great Atlantic Campout at Firefly." My intention is basically to do a series of posts covering various aspects of... Continue Reading →

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