The Firefly Festival Camping Experience

Camping has always been an awesome part of the Firefly experience, but it sounds like we are in for some awesome changes/additions to the experience in 2019. Firefly Festival is promoting the camping experience as "The Great Atlantic Campout at Firefly." My intention is basically to do a series of posts covering various aspects of... Continue Reading →

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Lock’n Festival 2019 Lineup

LTFL has had a busy and awesome week. So, we are a little later than usual getting to a couple awesome lineups that came out this week. Let's get down to business catching up. Lock'n Festival takes place amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains in Arrington, Virginia and released their lineup yesterday. Here it is: Jam... Continue Reading →

Sun Fest 2019

Amidst all the other news of the last  few weeks, an especially intriguing lineup dropped yesterday. LTFL was busy on the "business" front - so we didn't get to talk about it officially yet and so here we are. So many genres meshed into one - but that is totally not a bad thing. It... Continue Reading →

Beale Street Music Festival Lineup

First thing this morning, Beale Street Music Fest dropped their lineup. The Festival had already provided some clues through their songs of the day over the last few weeks. But there are still some great surprises on here: The top and bottom of this lineup are both stacked. But there are a few things that stick... Continue Reading →

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