BottleRock 2019 Lineup Release

I had a much longer day at work than expected – so my lineup fun has been a little delayed. We had two big releases today – BottleRock and GovBall. BottleRock is one I am aiming to attend so it is up first. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. Here we go!


So first off – this festival is already awesome because it features cooking stages and wine!

On top of that, they usually put together a really interesting lineup that often includes acts not seen on other lineups. Although I haven’t had the chance to dig in much yet, this lineup solid and creative.

Initial thoughts: headliners are different from the other festivals we have seen this year, both in name and genre. This is the most rock forward lineup from the major festivals I think we have seen so far. That said, the undercard has some really interesting acts and some great variety.

Interesting additions: Santana, Juanes, Neon Trees – all interesting for different reasons – but also all three I am definitely down to see.


Other acts that caught my eye – The Regrettes, Houses, Lovelytheband!

Lovelytheband has been everywhere (which isn’t bad because I love them).

And both The Regrettes and Houses have been all over Alt-Nation, so I have been surprised not to see them on more lineups so far.

Let me know what you all think? Anything surprise you? Who are you excited to see?

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