Woodstock Music and Arts Fair (50th)

We got more info this morning about the much anticipated Woodstock project, involving the original Woodstock promoter, Michael Lang.

The three day festival, honoring the original 1969 event, is scheduled to take place at Watkins Glen (approximately 80 miles outside of Syracuse) August 16-18, 2019.

Tickets will go on sale in February, but prices have not been announced.

From what we hear, they already have quite a few acts on board, likely including Santana (who performed in 1969) and publicly indicated that he was “in” for Lang’s festival.

Initial reports sound really intriguing – seems they are aiming to have all kind of genres and acts – and working on having some newer bands specifically aim to perform tributes to 1969 acts.

This festival is scheduled to take place the same weekend as the other 50th Anniversary Festival – that we have heard called both Journey On and the Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival. This event is scheduled to take place at the original Woodstock site.

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