More Lineups Coming Next Week

Last week was a great festival news week (with the exception of the bad news about End of the Rainbow) and we expect more big news next week. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s to come:

Fest World Magazine, the first music festival magazine has started to ship. We haven’t gotten a copy yet, but are looking forward to it. At least one of our writers helped put together content for the magazine and we can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Osheaga Festival: The lineup is expected next week, looks like Tuesday. In the meantime, the Festival has a daily engagement running that allows you to discover up to six bands on the lineup each day by sending digital postcards to your friends.


Railbird Festival: On the 19th, Railbird announced that their inaugural lineup will be dropping Tuesday, March 26. Yep this means we may be getting three full, brand new lineups in a single day.

Outside Lands: Earlier this week, the Outside Lands ran a pre-sale (that sold out quickly), announced that Paul Simon would be among the headliners, and best of all – that the lineup is coming Tuesday, March 26. In the meantime, it looks like they are dropping clues via social media.

Check back soon for more info as soon as we have it!

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