Ten Things You Can’t Miss at SSBD

One: Both stages are on the beach, I repeat, both stages are on the sand- on the beach at Lake Perris. Seriously, what could be better. Well…this also means the stages are closer to the water so you can stay in the refreshing water while enjoying the music. Festival organizers believe these changes will give festival goers the opportunity to swim without being too far from the music, creating a more intimate environment for all. I don’t know about you, but if I have the opportunity to float on a tube while listening to music – I am pretty much all in.


Two: And if you really don’t ever want to leave the beach…SSBD is offering camping on the beach this year as well. Yep. That’s right. All camping areas this year will be on the sand at the beach, or next to the beach in grassy areas. With general camping, you will be allowed to camp anywhere you want in the festival area. There are also RV and State Park camping facilities available as well. All camping areas are equipped with flushing restrooms and great views of the lake. For more info about camping, check out SSBD’s camping page here. If camping isn’t your thing, don’t worry! SSBD also has hotel partners and is in a prime location for plenty of hotels.

Three: Alternating set times. In other words, only one artist playing at time – so you don’t have to worry about conflicts or running back and forth. Designed to allow guests to experience new music and just enjoy an overall more relaxed experience. We went to a festival with alternating times earlier this year and it was life changing.


Four: The Floatopia Day Party – Starting at 10:00 Saturday morning and running throughout the day, SSBD is inviting guests to bring their favorite floatation devices (that sounds so official) down to the pristine waters of Lake Perris. DJ’s will be rocking beachside and the Coconut Club will be serving up “coco-locos.”

Five: The Coconut Club – Speaking of “coco-locos.” Check out this cute pop up club/relaxation area on the beach. It is a great place to grab some shade, check out the rotation of live DJs and music, and grab a drink in a fresh coconut.

Six: Late Night Music – If you want to keep jamming and dancing even after the headliners are done, SSBD is offering plenty of opportunities to do so – with the aforementioned rotation of DJs at The Coconut Club. Last year’s festival also featured late night music at the “But” Stage. We heard there was even an impromptu late night beach party. But don’t worry – if you are tired after a long day of swimming and dancing, or just want to make sure you are up early for that nature hike, camping is available away from the music so that you can get your beauty sleep.

Seven: Same Same But Different will be much more than just music, offering visitors the opportunity to participate in unique art classes, observe live art, engage in yoga and meditation and other awesome activities. This year’s activity schedule isn’t out yet – but if last year’s plan is any indication there will be a lot in store.

Lake party SSBD


Eight: Stay Active – SSBD will provide all kinds of amazing outdoor activities. Given its location lakeside, there are the obvious list of water activities: swimming, paddle boarding, kayaks, boating and more. If you are a land lover, there will be plenty to do on shore. The park offers awesome hiking trails and fishing. We even heard from a little birdie that there will likely be a guided herbal hike where curious festival goers can “follow an herbalist through a morning hike in the state park and identify wild plants, their energetics and healing properties.” All of the activities work with SSBD’s mission – to provide great vibes, relaxation and the opportunity to embrace music and art of all kinds.

Nine: Location, Location, Location – First of all, SSBD is located in a gorgeous park – with both mountain and lake views. The park is also conveniently located between LA and San Diego – we hear it is just about a 90 minute drive from either city. Whether you are a local looking to get out of the city for a bit or coming to town – this location sounds unbeatable. I mean, seriously…just look at this


If that doesn’t sell you – I honestly don’t know what will.

From what we hear, the other great thing about the festival’s location is the site itself. It is set up in a park, helping to create chill vibes and a more secluded festival atmosphere than you would find in a city. Last year, the camping was pretty relaxed – meaning you could snag a spot where you liked…with lake views and tons of shade.

Ten: VIP Areas – SSBD’s next batch of VIP passes comes out tomorrow. VIP ticket holders will have access to specially curated lounge areas, complimentary refreshments, and perhaps most importantly special shady areas with high powered fans. I can already picture myself relaxing with a coconut.

Bonus: The opportunity to dance like crazy to Baauer’s Harlem Shake. Seriously, this place is the place to let go…to be unconfined…to explore… and to dance. 


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