My 2019 Year in Review Playlist

Well we did it. We survived another trip around the sun without completely destroying the planet...sort of. As we prepare to head into the Roaring Twenties Part 2, I thought I'd round up a collection of songs that got me through all the ups and downs of 2019. Whether you're celebrating Missy Elliot's induction into... Continue Reading →

Bourbon & Beyond 2019 Recap

Hi fest friends! You guys are in for a treat, because our Bourbon & Beyond coverage (including this recap) are coming to you from a new member of our LTFL team. Shoutout to Hunter for doing a fantastic job putting together this thorough recap for us. We always love sharing a fresh perspective. Without further... Continue Reading →

Riot Fest Chicago 2019 Recap

When I packed for the weekend in Chicago, it was pretty easy. No glitter, no fun rave outfits, no hula hoops...all I needed were my favorite punk rock t-shirts and my Doc Martins. Their words, not mine, and completely untrue. Held in Douglas Park, a few miles west of the city, Riot Fest makes sure... Continue Reading →

Gulf Coast Jam 2019 – Recap

The days leading up to Gulf Coast Jam were spent watching the weather. At the time, Hurricane Dorian was heading toward Florida and it was questionable whether or not it would impact the fest. A minor concern of course, compared to what others were going through. More on that and what the festival is doing... Continue Reading →

SENSORiUM: A local festival with a cause

SENSORiUM is a relatively new festival, on its third year here in Philadelphia. That said, it’s definitely here to stay. Priding itself on inclusivity and creativity, the festival invites local artists and entrepreneurs to represent themselves at the festival. They also make sure to donate many of the profits back to the Philadelphia arts community.... Continue Reading →

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