Kaaboo Del Mar 2019 Lineup

Amidst everything else going on this week in the world of festival news, we got a little surprise this morning when Kaaboo released their lineup. This has LTFL really excited and many in our crew already grabbed tickets in the sale this morning. There is so much awesomeness here. Wu-Tang, Boyz II Men, Sublime with... Continue Reading →

Innings Festival 2019 Recap

If you have been following us, you have probably already read a lot about my obsession with baseball, so you can guess that I was pretty psyched about a festival that combined both my passions - festivals and baseball. Innings Festival takes place in Tempe Beach Park in Tempe Arizona. As an enthusiastic baseball fan,... Continue Reading →

Innings Festival Legends – 2019

If I could be anything in life – it would be a toss up between baseball scout or music festival tycoon. So basically what I am saying is that Innings Fest is pretty much my paradise. Living the Fest Life’s first post covered the music and lineup part of Innings Fest –now for the other... Continue Reading →

Kaaboo Texas – 2019 Lineup is Here

Kaaboo has expanded its brand over the last couple of years and introduced a Texas spin off earlier this year. The first ever lineup for Kaaboo Texas dropped this morning and it looks great. Kaaboo includes both music and comedy acts - and this is an impressive beginning for the brand in Texas. Interestingly, there... Continue Reading →

Bonnaroo Lineup Tomorrow

In the meantime, there is lots of speculation.... https://twitter.com/thewhat_podcast/status/1082453542391164930 Hearing lots of rumbling about Phish. https://twitter.com/TheFestiveOwl/status/1081296313667411969 https://twitter.com/TheFestiveOwl/status/1082368134558830592 Which is kind of interesting, because they were on this alleged leaked lineup earlier this month that we all pretty much shot down https://twitter.com/CampReddaroo/status/1080140994933387265 Guess we will find out soon!!!! Stay tuned for more info and the lineup.... Continue Reading →

Journey On vs. Woodstock

For months, we have been getting leaks about potential festivals marking the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock. At times, it has seemed that the leaks were so different, they had to be talking about two separate events. Over the weekend, we finally got confirmation that there are apparently two separate events in the works. Over the... Continue Reading →

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