Bunbury Lineup Thoughts

Bunbury dropped its lineup last Thursday at an Announcement Party held at The Woodward Theater. To their credit, PromoWest had a heavy year to follow after selling out in 2018 with a stacked festival featuring Post Malone, Incubus, The Chainsmokers, and so many more incredible acts. I've seen a lot of lineups, and 2018 Bunbury... Continue Reading →

Bunbury Music Festival 2019 Lineup

For those who aren't crossword puzzle fiends - here is the lineup in a more traditional form: Check back shortly for more in depth analysis, a Spotify playlist and more!!!! In the mean time, tell us what you think here or over on twitter @fest_living

Upcoming Lineup Announcements

The last week or so has been relatively quiet, as we have already gotten lineups from most of the major early season festivals. But it looks like the quiet will be breaking soon. There is official confirmation of the following upcoming lineup releases: Bunbury Music Festival - Lineup Release Party - Tomorrow night January 31... Continue Reading →

Bunbury Fest Final Hive Hint Clue

Bunbury Music Festival is scheduled to take place May 31 – June 2 in Cincinnati Ohio.  Over the last few weeks, the festival has been dropping Hive Hints, clues about acts on the lineup. We have shared a couple posts summarizing the hints and speculation on what the clues could mean. Today, Bunbury dropped their... Continue Reading →

More Bunbury Hive Hints

Bunbury Music Festival is scheduled to take place May 31 - June 2 in Cincinnati Ohio. We recently shared several posts about the "Hive Hints" the festival has been dropping as we get closer to the lineup release. Since then, Bunbury has dropped a few more hints about the acts on their lineup. Here are... Continue Reading →

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