Bunbury Continues to Drop Hive Hints

Updated 1/23 

Bunbury Music Festival is scheduled to take place May 31 – June 2 in Cincinnati Ohio. A  couple of weeks ago, we shared a post about the “Hive Hints” the festival has been dropping as we get closer to the lineup release. Since then, Bunbury has dropped a few more hints about the acts on their lineup. Here are a few more of the hints:

Hive Hint 3:

As usual, speculation is all over the place on the clues, with  guesses from Eminem to Capital Cities. But the official Hive Hint Forum Group has settled on NoName as the mostly likely answer.

Hive Hint 4:

There seems to be a consensus that the answer to this hint is Poppy – but I am personally rooting for the dark horse guess of Marcy Playground.

Hive Hint 5:

There are a lot of possibilities with this one. We have seen everything from the obvious:  Cage the Elephant – to the obscure, Jason Isbell apparently has a song that mentions elephants. Other guesses are Clutch, Lord Huron, and The White Stripes

Hive Hint 6:

This is another one that has led to lots of potential answers, maybe even more than the previous hint. So far, we have heard: Beck, Van Halen, Fall Out Boy, Bastille, Temple and Weezer. You may be asking why Weezer? Apparently, someone did a reverse google search and the result was “Toto we aren’t in Kansas anymore” I think you can take it from here – since Weezer covered Africa by Toto. However, my money would be on The Aces – which is apparently the board consensus as the answer to this clue.

Hive Hint 7:

People’s best guesses on this one seem to be:

Billie Eilish (“Don’t smile at me”);  lovelytheband (album “It’s hard to smile”); Gucci Mane (“Frowny face”).

Hive Hint 8:

A dalmatian in a green bandana….apparently you all are a lot more clever than I am because this one had me stumped. But it sounds like people think this may be Sublime w/Rome – but maybe still undecided with both Ed Sheeran and The National also getting votes. Make sure to tell us what you think!

For more discussion – check out The Bees Knees Board (Bunbury’s Festival Community)


And don’t forget. Bunbury is hosting a free lineup release party on January 31st. Living the Fest Life plans to have a team member there – so stay tuned. In the meantime, let us know what you think about the clues and guesses so far.



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