Kaaboo Del Mar 2019 Lineup

Amidst everything else going on this week in the world of festival news, we got a little surprise this morning when Kaaboo released their lineup. This has LTFL really excited and many in our crew already grabbed tickets in the sale this morning. There is so much awesomeness here. Wu-Tang, Boyz II Men, Sublime with... Continue Reading →

Warped Tour 25th Anniversary Lineups

There have been fake lineups floating around for days - but the real one is here and WOW!!! Hold onto your butts this is amazing!!!! And if that wasn't exciting enough, here is Atlantic City!! There is a ton of overlap, but personally the big differences I see are that NOFX, Sum 41 and All... Continue Reading →

Beachlife Festival 2019

The Beachlife Festival in beautiful Redondo Beach, dropped an awesome lineup on us for the May event. It is super exciting to see Willie Nelson, Sugar Ray, Blues Traveler and Everclear on this lineup - among many others. Stay tuned for more coverage as we learn more about this festival and about the mysterious acts... Continue Reading →

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