What’s to Come 2019


Most of my posts to this point have been recaps or overviews. From here on outĀ things are going to change (in a good way). In 2019, I will be posting more often and posting differently. Here’s how:

  • Shorter more frequent posts with lineup releases and news
  • Live blogging from multiple festivals
    • Check back soon to see where I will be headed this year
  • End of Season Festival Roundup
  • Food Highlights – Food is one of my favorite things about festivals, so there will be unofficial food awards, highlights and lots more pictures
  • More to come

This is the first year I am applying for press credentials. I have been lucky enough to win, earn, or hustle my win into positions to take pictures and get experiences at festivals for the last few years. I am hoping to start turning that side passion into something more official.

Fingers crossed!!!

P.S. You know you want my corn face in your festival!



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