Journey On vs. Woodstock

For months, we have been getting leaks about potential festivals marking the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock. At times, it has seemed that the leaks were so different, they had to be talking about two separate events. Over the weekend, we finally got confirmation that there are apparently two separate events in the works.

Over the weekend, Michael Lang (Woodstock Co-Founder) issued a statement that provided clarity. Woodstock is planning a big 50th Anniversary festival, but it won’t be taking place at Bethel Woods – Woodstock’s original location.


So… a new official Woodstock 50th Celebration is coming, but not at Bethel Woods. But what about all the promotional materials we have seen for an event at this location?


Well, we also have an answer to that. Bethel Woods finally confirmed their own festival to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. Many thanks to the Festive Owl who has been doing an awesome job keeping track of all this news.


Based on all this, it looks like this festival may be the same as Journey On? Or we may still not know what Journey On is. It is all still a little confusing, but the great news is that it looks like we now have official confirmation that we are getting two Woodstock Anniversary Festivals instead of one. One festival put on by the founders of Woodstock at an unnamed location TBD and the Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival August 16 -18, 2019.

Stay tuned for more details.




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