Boston Calling Lineup is Here

Boston Calling dropped the lineup a few minutes ago, right on schedule. A copy of the lineup is below along with our initial thoughts. Stay tuned for more analysis by the Living the Fest Life team soon.


Initial reactions have been strongly favorable – at least from my festival crew. Our team spends most of our free time obsessing over lineups and this is probably the most favorable reaction I have seen this season.  One immediate response was that you can tell their lineup still has a lot of thought put into it and is curated well (and with that thought kept in mind). Unlike some festivals, Boston Calling has been consistent in what they seem to be going for. This year is no exception.

Another reaction from the Fest Life team is that while its a smaller festival, it is definitely not lacking in quality – with a lot of heavy hitters.

At least from my perspective, nothing here is a huge surprise. But that isn’t a bad thing. As our post last night discussed, Boston Calling clearly puts a lot of thought into curating lineups they feel are consistent with their history and brand. One of the times we tend to see the most negative reaction, is when a fest we know and love makes surprising moves, deviating from their history and from our expectations.

With that said, our crew tends to be more alt/indie rock focused, so our surprise about Travis Scott isn’t intended as criticism. We just seem to be following him around.

As Boston Calling shares the weekend with BottleRock, our crew is somewhat divided on where we wish we could be /where we are going to be. The great news is that it looks like Living the Fest Life will have team members in both places, providing coverage and recaps. 

Keep a look out for more thoughts on the lineup and more posts related to Boston Calling. I hear a rumor that there may even be a post coming exclusively focused on the amazing food.

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