M3F Fest 2019

LTFL is excited to announce that we will be kicking off our 2019 festival season with coverage from Arizona. It is even more exciting that our first official festival of the year will be M3F.


Not only does M3F have an awesome lineup (even my grumpy husband likes it) the concept behind the festival is even cooler.

M3F Fest – formerly known as McDowell Mountain Music Festival – takes place March 1-3 in Phoenix, Arizona. I can’t help but point out that March seems like the perfect time to go to Phoenix.

The festival started in 2004 and has attracted major acts to help support its commitment to operating 100% not for profit. M3F has adopted what they call the 3 C’s – community, culture, and charity – and this isn’t just a slogan. All proceeds from the Fest go to local nonprofit organizations. Since 2004, M3F has donated more than a million dollars to Arizona charities. For all these reasons, LTFL is excited to be providing coverage this year. Expect to see more posts from us soon and online during the festival.

As for the music itself, I can tell you that Empire of the Sun and Jungle are two of my favorite acts to see live, especially at a festival with an awesome vibe. I am also really excited to see Mansionair for the first time – I have been hearing a lot of them on alt -radio.

Have you been to M3F? Tell us about your experience and we look forward to seeing you all there.

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