Savannah Stopover 2019

My obsession with Savannah started when I got my hands on Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (at an age that was probably too young). It is a city that mixes old and new in so many ways that I wish I was articulate enough to explain. Nestled into the heart of the South, it is a city built around historic squares and full of rich southern history. At the same time, it also hosts a thriving arts community – that is diverse, and indie, and cool.

In many of my posts, I have talked about big cities like Chicago and Austin and trying to decide which was my favorite. But…in my heart – it is places like Savannah, that call my name. Maybe it’s my southern roots, maybe its the gorgeous architecture and amazing southern food, or maybe it’s my obsession with the first book I ever loved – but this is a place that feels like home the instant you step foot in town.

Now that my ode to the city is out of the way, let’s take a closer look at one of my newest favorite festivals – Savannah Stopover.


2019 will be Savannah Stopover’s ninth year on the festival scene. Admittedly, I knew of it, but didn’t know a lot about it until I turned this website from a hobby to job a few months ago. One of the best parts of this transition, has been discovering “smaller” festivals and the things that make them so unique and awesome.

Savannah Stopover is often referred to as the little sister of SXSW. Why? Well – much of the concept behind Savannah Stopover is that it serves as just that – a stopover for artists traveling to SXSW in Texas. This allows music fans to see some phenomenal acts in a much more intimate environment than a large festival or event like SXSW. But…it get’s even cooler.

Rather than having one location – Savannah Stopover spreads the acts out at venues throughout the historic district – letting you experience them in local venues and giving the opportunity to explore the city along the way. ¬†For those of you not familiar with the uniquely southern party culture of Savannah – you don’t have to leave your drink behind when you shift venues (as long as you stay in the historic district) you can feel free to bring your drink with you as you travel the cobblestone streets to your next stop.

Stopover’s focus is on musical discovery – allowing what some might call “under recognized” acts to share with you in a really special way. However, don’t take that explanation the wrong way – Savannah Stopover has been host to some major musical talent over the years, including acts like: Mac Demarco, Ra Ra Riot, St. Lucia, and The War on Drugs – just to name a few.

This year the lineup features some names you might be familiar with, such as Deerhunter (a rock band hailing from Atlanta) and The Joy Formidable. Not to ignore headliners – but the unique thing about a festival like this is the depth of the talent you will get from the undercard. The LTFL team is just beginning to explore this lineup (look out for our spotify playlist soon) but as of now INK and Bad Bad Hats are two I have discovered and enjoyed so far.

Check back here soon for more coverage of Savannah Stopover (and if all works out with our media pass – we hope to see you there).




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