Something I learned from, Mike Posner, a guy way cooler than me.

Mike Posner is that guy that comes out of the background every few years with a full-on JAM. That tradition continues this year, this time, with a slightly different tone. Don’t worry though, the song is still a bop.

Mike Posner released a music video for his new song “Move On” a few short weeks ago. Contrary to most popular music videos, Move On doesn’t feature fancy effects such as seamless transitions and Hollywood style lighting. Posner instead showcases a raw, moving video that I’m 110% sure was either made on his IPhone or intended to look that way. If you haven’t listened to Move On or seen the music video yet – you should watch it now. But in case you want the one sentence summary – here you are.

Move On is about personal events, challenges, and the general ups and downs of life Posner has faced over the past few years.

Oh and, Posner also mentions that he will be walking across America starting in March. So that’s a thing we will definitely be following.

With that being said, you might think the song’s theme can easily be compared to a vast majority of popular music out now. And you’d be right. Artists write about their life struggles and challenges all the time. I’m not going to say I found anything dramatically eye opening or had some insane revelation about my existence while listening to Move On. But, I was moved. So moved, in fact, that I chose to write this. This song made me reflect almost instantly which isn’t something I can say happens with much of the music I listen to. The rawness of the music video for Move On is where I think the main difference in this lies. No hidden meanings, no wild effects, nothing to distract you from the point of the song. Mike Posner has struggled. He’s dealt with loss, death, and closing doors while not knowing if new ones were going to open. I’ve struggled in the same ways. We have all faced these same highs and lows. We all go through things, and we move on. And it’s funny because I have always known these things. All of us have known these things. But after listening, it’s like I learned something that I have already knew – if that is even a thing.

This song was a reminder, a really good reminder, that at some point you’ll be ok. That’s the kind of reminder that I don’t think we get enough of. What can I say, some things just really resonate with you, hit you out of nowhere. This video was exactly that to me, and I hope a lot of you felt it too. Now go ahead, Youtube that music video, maybe it will teach you something you already know.

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