Mountain Jam 2019 Lineup

After staging the festival at Hunter Mountain for 14 years, we heard news over the last few weeks that there would be a move. That move was confirmed by lodges and local news sources over the last week. Adding that to new ownership, and the fan community got a little nervous. Mountain Jam has been careful and has continued to assure fans through web updates that a lineup was still coming.

Initially, sources indicated we would get the lineup yesterday – instead we got a few big name drops for the upcoming lineup, notably Willie Nelson, Gov’t Mule, and The Avett Brothers.

We also got official news yesterday corroborating the rumors, Mountain Jam’s new venue will be Bethel Woods (yes, that/those Bethel Woods). Not totally surprising, since Mountain Jam was originally started as tribute/celebration of Woodstock.

We also learned that the hold up, was final approval from the New York State Department of Health.

At some point, the official website also shifted to telling us the lineup was coming today – and it did (sort of) and it looks great! Oddly it is floating around the internet, it is up in a thread on Inforoo, but it isn’t on Mountain Jam’s page or official twitter. So the best I could do is to pull it off a message board (hence the poor quality).

Without further ado:


Interesting note at the bottom indicates another headliner will be added this spring. Let us know what you think.

We promise to update with better images and more info once we have them.

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