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A few months ago, KAABOO dropped a lineup for a new location in Texas, expanding their empire so to speak. KAABOO Del Mar has always been on my festival bucket list because of the unique mix of music they put together on the lineup and the festival’s focus on other indulgences – like comedy and food.  Tonight’s post is going to take a closer look at some of the things that have the Living the Fest Life staff counting down the days to KAABOO Texas.  Fortunately, that gives us some time to come up with some better KAABOO tag lines.

KAABOO pitches itself as an adult escape – noting that the experience is as important as the music. At 33, comfort, hospitality, and cushy amenities sound like exactly what I need.

In covering any music festival, the most natural place to start is the lineup. For those who are unfamiliar with the KAABOO brand – its festivals typically have both a music and comedy component. The festival also seeks to satisfy all five senses, adding in art and culinary components that set it apart from the pack. KAABOO Texas follows that plan, and also has an area called BASK – involving DJS and a pool. More on that later – for now, we want to talk to you a little about the lineup.

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One of the best things about KAABOO is that the lineup differs a lot from other festivals this summer and there is an eclectic mix of acts on the slate that appeal to people in a broad age range. Personally, some of the names that stick out to me are acts that are nostalgic (in a great way!). I am stoked to have the opportunity to see: Ms. Lauryn Hill, The Black Eyed Peas, Counting Crows, The B-52s, Alanis Morissette, and so many more.  I have also been waiting to see Sting for a long long time!! And you know The Killers will put on an amazing show.

I can’t wait to scream sing Mr. Brightside with thousands of my closest new festival friends.

I readily admit that I am always ready to apply the “treat yo self” rule, especially when it comes to festivals and KAABOO has a lot of special options. One of the things I am most intrigued by is BASK: a “Vegas style” pool + club experience on site at the festival. Wait! What?!!!! In addition to the comedy and music acts playing on the main stages, BASK features its own lineup of DJs (and cocktails). This place looks like my festival dream come true and the BASK lineup looks lit as the kids say (do they still say that?).  Cheat Codes, Cash Cash, Paul Oakenfold and Chromeo are all going to play at BASK. This might be the part of KAABOO I am most excited to check out. I better get myself in order and grab a ticket.

For anyone who has followed LTFL, you know how much we love festival food. Based on what we have heard through the festival grapevine, it sounds like KAABOO is not going to disappoint in this area – it also looks like there will be some unique culinary experiences to check out.  Given the location, just outside Dallas and Fort Worth, I think we can definitely expect some amazing Tex-Mex and maybe some brisket too. In fact, the Dallas area is apparently obsessed with/known for brisket tacos. My mouth is watering just thinking about food in Texas. I know I already said that BASK had me the most excited, but now that I have started to think about tacos and brisket, and deep fried festival fare – I may have changed my mind. I am so excited for food! In addition to the traditional festival fare we all love. KAABOO is also going to have a special upscale culinary experience called Palate and you know I will find a way to check that out and report back.


One of my biggest tips for surviving all three days of a festival is to take breaks and seek air conditioning and a seat when you can. Most of the time, you have to miss out on some of the action to take a break – but KAABOO has you covered in this respect by providing a cool (literally) haven in the form of the comedy club called Humor Me. This will definitely be a great way to kick back when you are ready to take a break from dancing in the beautiful Texas sun. Apparently, we will all be able to see the awesome comedians in the comfort of a seated, air-conditioned venue. There are a ton of great names on the Humor Me, Comedy lineup. But as a big fan of Chelsea Handler’s shows – I became a huge fan of both Whitney Cummings and Heather McDonald and they are both going to be at KAABOO!!  Let us know some of the comedians you are excited to see or would recommend for us?

There are a few other exciting aspects of KAABOO I think are worth point out quickly. First, the festival is going to take place at the stadium complex where the Dallas Cowboys play. As a Skins fan, I am probably supposed to hate everything Dallas, but one thing I think everyone can agree on is that Jerry Jones knows how to build a gorgeous, high-tech venue – so I am secretly really excited to check it out. Don’t tell my husband. I am also really interested to scope out the fashion and spa experiences KAABOO advertises as “Indulgences.” Consistent with what I said about BASK – I am always ready to be boujee and treat myself.

We (ok mostly just me) are also totally obsessed with KAABOO Texas gorgeous Insta  I can genuinely say that the way it is laid out is one of my favorite things in life and we have actually tried to use it as inspiration for our own IG – though it is truly a case of not coming close to the original.

None of the LTFL family have ever been to a KAABOO event yet, so we are super excited that this will be our first. If you have been to KAABOO we would love to hear from you. Feel free to share your tips, tricks, and favorite parts of the experience below.

We are also super excited to have the opportunity to visit the Dallas – Fort Worth area, so would love to hear your suggestions on can’t miss touristy things and of course the best places to eat. We will be sharing our trip to Texas and providing daily updates – so if you can’t come along in person, you can check out our experience via social media. And of course, we will post a full recap with loads of food pictures when we get home. Hope to see you out there!

For more information on KAABOO Texas Fest, and to purchase tickets, visit KAABOO Texas.


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