Nine Things To Do While You Wait For News About Woodstock 50

News broke late last night that the much-awaited Woodstock anniversary celebration has postponed it’s planned ticket launch. The Festival organizers are yet to make a statement, but guys, it’s not looking good. The Black Keys pulled out as a headliner last month and there have long been rumors that the festival organizers have difficulty obtaining the necessary permits.

We here at Living the Fest Life have been extremely thrilled about the possibility of the Woodstock anniversary and are anxiously awaiting further news, be it good or bad.

For those of you waiting with us, here are nine suggestions on how to pass the time. No, we’re not being dramatic, you’re being dramatic.

  1. Stand on a balcony and stare mournfully at the moon.

Perch your elbow on the railing, cup your chin in your palm, cast your eyes upwards at that big, gentle orb and let out a deep sigh. Sure, there’s no evidence that Woodstock 50 isn’t happening, but at this point, there’s also very little evidence that it is

  1. Pensively skip stones into a nearby lake.

As you draw back your preferred stone skipping arm, reflect, like your own image is in the water in front of you, on all the signs that point towards doom for poor Woodstock 50.

  1. Eat a meager meal in a room lit by the flame from just one solitary candlestick.

There are rumors that the townspeople of Watkins Glen are displeased with the Woodstock 50 organizers, but do not let this stop you from pulling the chicken meat off of the sole drumstick on your plate.

  1. Listen to the reverberating sound of a single violin.

If music be the food of love, play on. Bonus points if you are in the same room as the violin. Extra bonus points if it’s just you in the violinist alone together. Extreme extra bonus points if you are the violinist.

  1. Drape yourself over a settee sofa, with one hand on your forehead, and dictate your lamentations.

“Day 999: I am beginning to fear the worst.”

  1. Knit one of those oversized blankets. Swaddle yourself in it.

Times like these, we all need some comfort. Nothing can hurt you when you are wrapped in an oversized blanket. This is a scientifically proven fact. Do not challenge me on this.

  1. Consider a new hobby, perhaps pottery.

There is something extremely soothing about molding clay. It’s a great way to take your mind off of the possibly ill-fated festival. Plus, haven’t you ever seen the movie Ghost? I’m not saying that the events of the movie Ghost will happen to you or that they are even plausible, but what’s life without risk. Besides, next time there’s a huge Woodstock anniversary event, all of the original acts will be dead, which will inevitably lessen its nostalgic and historic value, so you might as well distract yourself from that possibility by attempting to summon the spirit of Patrick Swayze.

  1. Ride your bike down a country lane.

Nothing quite like the refreshing feel of spring-time air on your calves as you pedal your cares aware. The stalks of wheat that line your path provide a perfect backdrop for forgetting that even if they do start selling tickets, you probably won’t be able to afford to go anyway

  1. Watch the sunset from atop a tall, steep cliff.

There are four months until the festival and we do not yet have a ticket announcement, we have no idea how much it will cost, and one of the headliners have already pulled out. Let this knowledge beat against your face with the force of the high gale winds typical of these coastal cliff regions as you watch the sun, like your hopes, set.

Unless we hear otherwise, Woodstock 50 will take place on August 16th-18th in Watkins Glen, New York. We sincerely hope to see you there. In the meantime, you can find me atop the tallest cliff in the region, perhaps playing a violin solo.




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