Last Chance for Free Shaky Knees Tickets for Life

Shaky Knees, Atlanta, Georgia’s annual rock fest, is closing its free ticket window. For the last few years, dedicated fans of the festival who have a tattoo of its logo have been guaranteed free admission for life.

But, as we know, all good things come to an end, and Shaky Knees announced on Facebook last week that the opportunity to sign up for this promotion is coming to an end. This is the last year you can register your tattoo to get free admission to the festival for life.

Repeating that: if you get the tattoo and it’s registered before midnight of May 5th of this year, you can get free admission for life. If you get the tattoo but don’t register it, or you don’t get the tattoo until after the registration window closes, you’ll miss your chance. Don’t be stuck with ink that means nothing – if you get the tat, register it for that sweet, sweet admission. According to their facebook post, registration can be done either in person at the festival or online via their google docs form for those of you who can’t make it to Atlanta this year but hope to cash in on the free admission in future years.

According to the festival’s guidelines, the tattoo must be the size of a silver dollar and must be in permanent ink – this means no henna or temporary tattoos. The tattoo must be of the festivals logo, which includes the “SK” and lightning bolts. Fans have found amazing ways to get creative with these fairly straightforward instructions, so I highly encourage you to peep the hashtag #SK4L for some tattoo inspiration. If you decide to hop into the tattoo before Sunday night, please, I beg you, read the instructions on their website and make sure your tattoo conforms before you take the plunge. 

Hearing that this promotion is ending had members of our festy fam running, not walking to the tattoo chair this weekend. Check out some of their ink below.




Shaky Knees is happening right now in Atlanta, Georgia. This year’s headliners include Tame Impala, Beck, Cage the Elephant and Incubus.

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