Festival Focus (Part 1): TicketDM

I think that this might be something we say a lot, but one of the coolest things about the site is that we get to meet a lot of awesome people. This is especially true as festival season kicks off and we get to learn about new companies. Tonight’s post is going to be the first in a series of monthly articles, focusing on new concepts, artists and companies we are meeting in our festival adventures. We hope you will see this as simply sharing and there is no payment changing hands in any direction – we just want to take some opportunities to share new things we are learning about along the way.

One of the first companies that acknowledged us was TicketDM. Although we have different “businesses” I think that we share not only a passion for festivals, but also the same core interest in both improving and understanding the festival from fan perspectives. This weekend at a festival was the first time we got to see the cool work between a similar app and a festival – acknowledgment that there is another market out there – literally and figuratively just outside the festival gate.

While we always recommend buying your tickets directly from the festival for lots of reasons, we also know that is not always financially possible for people. So without further ado – I am turning the floor over to Christian Ceaser, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer from TicketDM to tell you about the company and their mission. Livingthelife

From Christian: 

Our team began working on TicketDM approximately two years ago after attending Ultra music festival together in Miami, where we saw our use case first hand. After a year of development and attending music festivals all over the nation, we successfully launched in September of 2018 on both Apple and Google Play. Since then we have seen steady growth in both our overall user base and in daily user numbers.

Nowadays,  it can be easy for festival-goers to fall victim to ticket scams on Facebook groups, Craigslist, Instagram and other social media sites, especially in last minute situations! Then if you do find a lead, coordinating meet-ups and paying can be a huge headache.

TicketDM is designed to be a safe match-based ticket exchange app that’s looking to solve all these problems by allowing users to match, meet and exchange in a secure way.

What makes TicketDM different?

Match, Meet, Exchange!

TicketDM matches users based on ticket preferences, location, and budget. Once users match, they receive a notification to meet and complete the ticket exchange at automated safe meet-up locations based on preferences. Users can also schedule timed meet-ups or coordinate using TicketDM tools.

Safety, Security, and Mobility!

TicketDM is the exchange option that moves with you! You can find users and run exchanges on the fly, city to city without all of the planning! TicketDM is all about anytime, anywhere exchanges. In focusing on safety and security, TicketDM is a completely cash less app. All payments are handled in Apple Pay and Google Pay and payments to sellers are instant. TicketDM also has built in anti fraud measures to keep it’s users safe if something goes wrong.

(Quick question from the editor – how do you discourage scammers?)

TicketDM discourages scammers by using technology to eliminate well known schemes. We would tell you more . . . but that might give some of it away. 

good point…

Friday, Saturday, Sunday..You Decide!

Festival tickets are expensive! TicketDM gives the power back to the festival goer by allowing users to buy, sell or trade single day or multi-day tickets. Buyers can pick their spots and sellers can make back some of their money!

What has your process been like to get to this point? Are there any programs or training that you have used to get here? 

TicketDM officially launched late last year and has already gained significant traction and praise in the tech startup community. TicketDM completed Founder Gym, an accelerator for underrepresented and diverse founders and recently got accepted into StartX, a Stanford University associated accelerator and founder community.

TicketDM Co-Founders Zachary Johnson (CEO), Stedmon Bates (CTO), Christian Ceaser (CMO), and Chad Sitgraves (CPO) went through the festival ticket resale process in March of 2016 while attending Ultra, an annual sold-out EDM festival in Miami, FL. That experience kicked off the process that led to what we know as TicketDM today. 

TicketDM Competitive Advantage

  • Easy Single Day Ticket Transactions
  • Quick Resale Capability
  • No Fee for Sellers
  • Real time, on-premise, buy/sell/trade based on user preferences
  • GPS Tracking
  • Event Staff / Contractors
  • Meetup Coordination 
  • Social media integration to increase consumer confidence
  • TicketDM contractor incentives for individuals who buy / sell tickets
  • Diego – Our fun-loving 7 ft giraffe mascot

(Wait…did you say giraffe?)


TicketDM also has some cool opportunities for people who want to get more involved. Here’s a little bit about the TicketDM Brand Ambassador Program

TicketDM Brand Ambassador Program

The program is super simple. We will purchase a 3-Day General Admission festival ticket of the ambassador’s choice if they get us 400 downloads. We give the ambassador their own download link code for tracking purposes and helpful content to post on behalf of TicketDM. We just ask the ambassador to have people add them as a friend on TicketDM to prove download legitimacy.

TicketDM is available in the App Store and Google Play. If you are interested in finding out more, you can also check them out on social media.

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