34 Days Until Firefly Music Festival

Wow! Festival season is in full swing and time is flying by. It has been a particularly long day, but it is worth doing a post because our favorite festival is only 34 days away. So here is a special little post with the top 34 things we are excited for at Firefly Music Festival.

  1. The Thursday Pre-Party – so excited for Saint Motel!

DzKtl2OUcAIhYk433. The first walk through the pathway and seeing the theme for the first time

32. Scoping out all the new additions

31. Saved by the Max. I promise this is only the first of many food references in this list.

30. Glow sticks raining down all around us!

29.  King of Pops


28.  Bands I have really, really been looking forward to seeing: Half Alive, Mansionair, NoMBe and Two Feet

27  More bands that I have seen but really want to see again: Lovelytheband, AJR, Sir Sly, Passion Pit, and X Ambassadors

26. Scream singing some of my favorite songs with thousands of festival friends

25. People watching – god it is so glorious

24. The hub lineups. Especially, Samia, Yoko Lore, and 888.

23. Totems – Seeing what’s popular, what’s funny and seeing some of our favorites from previous years return

22. Cold drinks and picnics in the grass

21. Meeting new people and making new friends. Shout out to my friends from the picnic table in VIP last year!

20. Seeing people being nice to each other! Be part of it, help it happen.

19. Checking out the beers and setup at the Dogfish tent. Such a good place for shade, meeting up with friends and a cool drink. And all the cool kids will have Dogfish sweatbands

18. Waking up in the morning in the camp ground (or glamp ground) with neighbors all around ready for an adventure


17. Finally getting to wear that outfit, shirt, special item you have been waiting for all year.

16. Forgetting about the real world (and work) for a few days

15. Watching tiny Dover turn into festival central!

14. Unexpectedly awesome covers and guest appearances

13. Random festival bruises, scrapes and sunburns – whatever, they are memories

12. So many photo ops

11. When it’s time for a little break from the music, exploring the shops and checking out all the cool festy goods

10. Making the walk over the bridge for the first time. Bonus points for signing “Just a Friend” on the walk back.

9. After going to five Hippo Campus shows in less than 10 days I feel like I am going through withdrawal and can’t wait to see them absolutely kill it at Firefly.

8. Spending the weekend soaking up the sun

7. Rocking out in the shade at the silent disco (especially for one very special DJ)

6. Checking out the new additions to the hubs (there is a waterslide in the North Hub!)

5. Camp food – s’mores, breakfast burritos, and the smell of the grill

4. Seeing all of my favorite Firefly family!! So so so many hugs.

3. Chance celebrity encounters


2. Noodles, corn, cookie do, and so much other deliciousness

And finally, the best of all that first time walking through the opening gate, and feeling like home. The Woodlands truly are my happy place. I can’t wait to see you there.


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