Riot Fest Lineup 2019

During the festival off season, we have fallen in love with Riot Fest’s Twitter person. Their fantastic clap backs, sarcasm, love of both Uncle Jesse and rescue dogs has us fully on board. In fact, we have been intending to post an ode to their twitter account for awhile, but you know pesky things like stupid real jobs, lineup releases, and life got in the way.

With that introduction, and after many weeks of amazingly snarky responses to silly people complaining about the lack of lineup when it was wayyy too early. We present the Riot Fest lineup released earlier today!

Just wow! Take a look at that third line! And the fourth line! Stacked! This lineup is deep and going to take us time to fully dig through. Look out for a longer post soon. In the meantime, tell us about your Riot Fest experiences and your favorite bands on the lineup. We can’t wait to hear who we shouldn’t miss.

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