SENSORiUM: A local festival with a cause

SENSORiUM is a relatively new festival, on its third year here in Philadelphia. That said, it’s definitely here to stay. Priding itself on inclusivity and creativity, the festival invites local artists and entrepreneurs to represent themselves at the festival. They also make sure to donate many of the profits back to the Philadelphia arts community. SENSORiUM was developed in honor of Suman Addya, who traveled with the band Tweed and who tragically passed in 2016. The entire festival radiates positivity and community. Truly the best way to be honored.

This year’s lineup boasted some known names in the jam community such as El Ten Eleven, Tweed, and Tobacco. They also hosted their own late night after parties running until 2AM. With three stages running in a pretty contained area you would think things would be a bit more chaotic, but for such a growing festival they had things running nearly perfectly!

Personally, the activities outside of music are what really make a festival stand out to me. Obviously a great line up is number one, but there are times where you just cannot stand in front of a stage and need a break, and having something to do makes the break that much better. SENSORiUM provided patrons with multiple activities. There were the norms like food and vendors, plus some scheduled activities such as yoga, guided painting, and some live podcasts. My favorite non-music event though, was the scavenger hunt happening throughout the festival with a grand prize being offered. This was such a fun way to get guests moving through the festival grounds and offered a fun way to see all the fest had to offer, rather than just sticking to what they knew.

El Ten Eleven Performing at SENSORiUM
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As far as local festivals go, SENSORiUM is 100% one that should be on your list. The overall environment is so welcoming and full of fun, and it all goes back to a great cause. If you get the chance to snag a pair of tickets to next year’s event, don’t pass them up!

Learn more about SENSORiUM and how to get tickets to next year’s event here!

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