Riot Fest Chicago 2019 Recap

When I packed for the weekend in Chicago, it was pretty easy. No glitter, no fun rave outfits, no hula hoops…all I needed were my favorite punk rock t-shirts and my Doc Martins.

Their words, not mine, and completely untrue.

Held in Douglas Park, a few miles west of the city, Riot Fest makes sure the neighbors are respected. As we were walking to the festival, families, churches, and businesses were enjoying the weekend by selling food, water and other beverages. As an added bonus, Lagunitas Brewery is only blocks from the festival grounds and 100% worth the visit.

Our crew pre-gaming at Lagunitas on day 3.

Going to a festival with 7 other humans, with different tastes and schedules seems like it would be difficult…but they made it easy.

Fire breathers, devils and chickens (and a wizard), oh my! I know, music festivals are all about the music, but this one has so much more! THEY HAVE A FULL FLEDGED CARNIVAL!!!!
Ok….I’m ready to face the music! This was Riot Fest’s 15th anniversary, and it didn’t disappoint. (Note, Wu-Tang Clan saved the day when Die Antwoord was taken off the lineup). When can you see/hear this diversity wrapped into a 3 day festival? Personal favorites (in no particular order) were Blink-182, Violent Femmes, Grandson, The Struts, Anthrax and the Raconteurs. Full disclosure on a rookie mistake (but I’m no rookie)…my phone was almost dead by the time I got to the fest. Every. Single. Day…..! But I embraced the lack of having a device attached to my palm and hugged/high fives all the people, reveled in the fact that everyone was polite (imagine that nice man with a mohawk and face tattoos saying “I’m sorry” when YOU bumped into HIM!!!
Music is this magical thing that brings people together
I met these people because of music. It’s such a powerful little thing that spans generations, genres, beliefs…thankful every day for the words and notes that brought us all together.
I had to throw this in for good measure because rainbows, unicorns and Death Metal…

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