Lineup News is Coming (What Already?)

It is hard to believe, but we are starting to get news about 2020 lineups for some of our favorite festivals from this year.

M3F Festival – announced today that we can expect the lineup and tickets to go on sale on October 1st. The fest will take place March 6 -8 in downtown Phoenix. Spoiler alert! The vibe here was unmatched and we have been telling people about it all year. It was both our first official fest and one of our absolute favorites – check out our recap here. 

Innings Festival – announced several days ago that it will be putting out its line up tomorrow morning at 10 AM (Tempe time).  Innings will take place February 29 – March 1 next year in beautiful Tempe.

We are extra excited that these two festivals will be on separate weekends this year – which means we get to enjoy them both!!! I had a fantastic time out at Innings last year and you can read all about it in our recap here. 

We got to have a ton of amazing baseball fun and I even met David Ross. I am currently trying to convince everyone in my fantasy baseball/baseball predictions leagues that we need to finally have that meet up we keep talking about at Innings in 2020.

Both of these Arizona fests are amazing and we enjoyed absolutely gorgeous weather. Can’t wait to get back out there. IMG_8018

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