Why Two Friends’ Big Bootie Mixes Are Everything We Need During Quarantine

Hey guys. Life is pretty shitty right now. I won’t mention all the reasons why it’s shitty, because you’re all being inundated with news 24/7. If for some reason you have no idea what I’m talking about, open literally any website that exists and within 3 seconds I’m sure you’ll see at least one of the following: “COVID-19”, “quarantine”, “social distancing”, or “sourdough starter” if you choose to open Instagram. All in all, vibes are bad and we need an escape.

Enter: Two Friends. If you don’t know Two Friends, they’re an LA-based DJ duo typically known for their remixes, but they also have original discography. I’m here to tell you about the greatest hour of music your ears will ever experience. Two Friends started doing their Big Bootie remixes back in 2013. The premise is simple. Each mix is an hour long mash-up of songs from every decade, genre, and level of popularity. They’re mixed together so seamlessly that it’s like sweet, sweet honey coming from the speakers. Within each mix there are also famous sound bytes mixed in that you’ll recognize from iconic movies, TV shows, and viral Internet moments.

Back when being outside was legal, these mixes were GREAT to use at pregames, to boost the vibe before going out, or to use as a power hour playlist. On April 9th, Two Friends blessed us with the latest mix: Big Bootie 17 and it couldn’t have come at a more necessary time. We’re all hurting for how life used to be and looking for anything to get our minds off of reality. Whether you need motivation to get through a workout, a playlist for your daily walk/run, a general pick me up, or a good power hour to pregame another night on your couch with a zillion beers in front of you as you prep for your 100th Zoom happy hour, pretending your soul hasn’t completely dissolved (just me? sick), Two Friend’s Big Bootie mixes are there for you.

So please, take a listen to the newest mix. This one does not disappoint. I’m sure you’ll crack a smile at some of the chosen sound bytes (of course there’s a Tiger King reference), and be swept back into nostalgia with the throwback songs that are mixed in throughout. If you’re anything like me, you’ll finish listening to 17 and immediately start working backwards through the rest of the mixes. If you need recommendations, some of my favorites (after this most recent one of course) include: 11, 13, and 15. Leave comments on what your favorite sound bytes were, what songs you’d like to see in upcoming mixes, and which Big Bootie you believe deserves to be crowned the ULTIMATE Big Bootie Mix.

Life’s tough right now, and we’re all looking for small wins to get through each day. I, for one, never thought I would experience tears coming to my eyes while I listened to something titled Big Bootie, but there are no rules in 2020 so I guess this is me now. Hopefully this mix helps you like it helped me, and a huge thank you to Two Friends for being a bright spot in a dark tunnel.

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