One Pandemic, Two Friends, Three Big Bootie’s

Well, they’ve done it again. The DJ duo, ultimate mash-up masters, kids who most definitely did not peak in middle school: Two Friends have dropped their 3rd Big Bootie Mix of quarantine. If none of that sentence made sense to you, check out our last article to get some backstory here . This is the 19th overall mix in the series and Big Bootie 19 hits hard.

With one full hour of debauchery, the world’s hottest mix is BB19. This mix has everything. 235 songs, a fun theme for listeners to guess in the last five minutes, and something I thought was impossible – an hour of music where Boomers, Millennials, Gen Z, and whatever the next generation is called can each pinpoint their favorite songs. Rumor has it the only person who hates this mix is Ted Cruz, so you know its’ got to be amazing.

While we’re all concert deprived, Two Friends continues to up-level their content. This time around they offered a livestream experience with visuals and early access to people who purchased tickets. Additionally, fans were able to recommend songs that could end up in the final version – your own small slice of a very Big Bootie if you will. (Peep minute 33 for a recommendation from yours truly that made it in). These mixes have really become a staple to many friend groups, especially in quarantine. My own group started clearing our calendars on release day in order to sync up, listen together, and rave about our favorite transitions or sound bytes.

If you haven’t listened yet, stop whatever you’re doing because I can promise this is more important. Below are the Spotify links as well as the YouTube video if you want to get the full experience. Let’s see if you can correctly guess the theme in this one.

Shout-out Two Friends for being a major bright spot in an otherwise pitch black period of time. I don’t know how you guys will continue topping yourselves, but I can’t wait to see it happen with BB20.

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