MC4D Dropped Down Under Mix Vol. 4 & It’s Giving Us New Life

On Friday January 15, 2021 (yes yes we know we are late to this party) MC4D – an electronic music production duo made up of twin brothers Matt and Chris Drake – dropped the latest in their series of mashup mixes.

Down Under Mix Vol. 4 is a ton of fun. Honestly, the best way to describe it – is to say that it somehow is both technically perfect (this bit of knowledge comes from my DJ husband who is rarely impressed) and yet retains the feel of a mix your friend could have made you. Do the youth of today know what a mix tape is? Anyway, it manages to feel simultaneously well produced and yet cozy. Also it opens with Shakira – so we were pretty much sold from the jump.

For those who aren’t familiar with Matt and Chris, the brothers founded MC4D while they attended Duke University and Darmouth. They have released four mixes in the Down Under series – which has more than 250k streams on SoundCloud, along with a number of official remixes. 2020 also saw the debut of their first original singles, Looking for Love and Every Time.

The Covid times have not brought much positivity, but one big bright spot for LTFL has been the opportunity to discover new music and artists that are new to us outside our normal festival arena. That discovery has come in a lot of ways, but one of the best has been falling down the rabbit hole of mashups and mixes. Down Under Vol. 4 has been one of our favorites and has been playing in my car on repeat since its release. That’s one of the best things about it, the ability to be perfect accompaniment to a workout, a drive or pregaming (though I guess we aren’t allowed to go out anymore). But note, pregaming is something we used to be allowed to do in pre-pandemic times.

The mix packs a big punch, including 200 popular songs that we promise you will know all the words too. As we mentioned above, it hits right away with Shakira, and also includes fun takes on hits from Drake, Justin Bieber, The Backstreet Boys, Ariana Grande and Juice WRLD.

But seriously – whether you need a pick me up on this cold hump day or music to rock out to this weekend, we strongly recommend this one.

Check the mix out on SoundCloud here

And For more info on MC4D, check out: 





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