Album Review: The Stories We Write For Ourselves (Live at FESTY) by Kendall Street Company

In this time of great uncertainty, new music is becoming more and more difficult to come by. Thankfully, LTFL had the great pleasure of connecting (from a responsible distance, of course) with an incredible group that goes by the name Kendall Street Company. I had never listened to KSC before catching wind of their newly releases debut live album “The Stories We Write For Ourselves (Live at FESTY)” but can honestly say that I was enjoying it from the jump and was hooked at the 2:42 mark of the album. Trust me, when you get there, you’ll know and I’ll elaborate on that later.

In their own words:

“Virginia’s Breakout Jam Band” Kendall Street Company releases their debut live album The Stories We Write For Ourselves (Live at FESTY), a full rendition of their most recent studio LP recorded at the hometown album release show. This epic, winding journey through Stories truly reflects the name’s concept – casting the original LP’s tracks in a new light, accompanied with mellowed, but bold introspection.

In my own words:

The Stories We Write For Ourselves (Live at FESTY) absolutely SLAPS. I’ve never really been one to sit down and listen to a jam band album but when the opportunity to give this album a spin came along, I decided to give it a shot. Since my first play-through, I’ve since listened to TSWWFO no less than five times in 2 days and I’m still finding new things to love. The collection of sounds ranging from folky to ambient to straight up funk give this album such incredible depth that make you almost forget that it’s the same artist from track to track.

Go On, the first track after the Prologue, hit me with a wave of nostalgia when the full band comes in. I can vividly picture standing in a giant field, next to the guy in the tie-dye shirt and the girl with a flower crown and lots of glitter getting ready for a kickass set. Go On sets the mood for the album by showcasing a little of everything, including an incredibly funky jam that got me up and moving. Shout out Jake Vanaman and his oh so saxy riffs.

Some other tracks I loved on the album were The Earth Turns for the super fun fact on blue moons and folky nature, Lady in Green for its wholesome, almost Beatles-y sound (probably my second favorite track on the album), In a Little While and Coffee for their, yet again, funky saxophone playing. All-in-all I thought the album was a much-needed break and also a new addition to my normal rotation of tunes. I’d give this album an 8/10 on the very official and newly established Dave – O – Meter.

Kendall Street Company is a jam-alt rock band based out of Charlottesville, Virginia. From late night jam sessions at the University of Virginia to main stages at venues and festivals throughout the country, Kendall Street Company has broken the mold of improvised rock and entered a world of jazz-grass infused psychedelic bliss. The band’s musical style embraces mind-altering riffs as well as soulful and jazzy wit, while remaining true to their folksy songwriting roots. With no two shows ever the same, word of mouth has quickly grown a ravenous fanbase eager to hear their favorite studio tracks explored and extended as part of a live community. As seasoned KSC fans can tell you, any one of their songs could easily turn from a fun sing-along to a cacophonous headbanging garage-rock soundscape, before finally resolving into a peaceful ambience.

While this review was in progress . . . KSC put out even more new music. So head over to your favorite streaming platform or the band’s twitter to check out their newest boogie “I rly luv u.”

For more info on KSC or to scope them out on socials check out:

And stay tuned for more fun reviews and previews here at LTFL.

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