Secret Sky Year Two

With the extreme excitement of in person festivals making a comeback, it’s a bit easier to forget that we are still in these weird trying times. Travel planning, ticket budgeting, booking flights, and renting cars, although a fun (and bank account draining) part of the experience sometimes do not even need to play a factor in catching some of the year’s top festivals. That’s right ladies and gents, I’m talking about the virtual festivals that are still taking place! I’m not going to lie, for as much as I love and miss the in person excitement of live music, I do in fact adore watching some of my favorite artists throw down from the comfort of my own living room, not having to push through sweaty people and have my view blocked by the tall ones. I’m overjoyed to be writing about the SECOND Secret Sky Festival put on by arguably my favorite DJ of all time, the incredible Porter Robinson. 

I remember watching the first Secret Sky in my room until 2 am in May of 2020. I remember the intense emotion that comes with bawling your eyes out to your favorite artist’s music as I danced and sang along to songs I was not sure I’d get to see in person again any time soon. Along with that I just remember feeling so absolutely blessed that Porter decided to put on a livestream festival with some of the top djs in the game accompanying him. This year he is at it again on Saturday, April 24th. The lineup is full of some of the hottest dj’s in the game (and lucky for me a lot of my favorites). Porter leaked the lineup via a video of him playing the artists’ music in a medley on the piano, yes the piano! How freaking adorable and talented, anywho I digress. If you’ve been following along with me here at LTFL, you know from my HARD Summer post that I am completely gassed up by both REZZ and Baauer who are both making appearances at Secret Sky as well. Other artists include Boys Noize, Imanu B2B Buunshin, James Ivy, Kero Kero Bonito, Laxcity, Masakatsu Takagi, No Rome, Salute, Sekai No Owari, Serph, Swardy, Wave Racer, Yvette Young, and of course the man himself, Porter Robinson. 

A super exciting week ahead for Porter Robinson as his new album “Nurture” drops Friday, 4/23. From what he’s released so far we’re biiiiiiig fans over here. Another huge week for the EDM scene coming up, and make sure to RSVP and tune into Secret Sky on Saturday April 24th. Link below 🙂

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