Big Announcement from Lightning in a Bottle!

The creators of Lightning in a Bottle have announced its Compass music, learning, and cultural program! Compass will offer opportunities for attendees to gain life-changing knowledge through a series of talks, workshops, and performances. The Compass festival will be during Memorial Day weekend, May 25th-30th at Buena Vista Lake, California.

LIB’s creators wanted to put together an event that embraces the core values of the LIB festival; creating space for connection, expression, and community. They’ve brought together experts and leaders who span across multiple fields. Some of the topics you can expect to be covered are Indigenous culture revival, ecological intelligence, ethnomycology, intimacy & emotional maturity, regenerative soil practices, and fire-adapted communities. That’s just us naming a few, check out their fliers and website for a more in-depth look into the festivities and activities!

There’s also a musical component to all of this, including artists from around the globe who are experts in their music styles! Needless to say, this is a very interesting and informative festival to check out, hopefully, we’ll see you all there!


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