Voodoo Music and Arts Experience 2019

Last year, a big group of LTFL pals went to Voodoo, dressed up, and had a blast. We were super excited to see the lineup drop this year and here it is: The lineup features some of our favorites like: Young the Giant, Big Gigantic, The Glitch Mob, Hippo Campus and Missio!!!!! The festival takes... Continue Reading →

Firefly Festival Schedule Plans

BOOOM!!! We got the Firefly schedule and the big news that Island Noodles is coming back (we may have already heard rumblings through the grapevine, but were excited to see that become official). The next big steps will be the last remaining announcements, the map and the app. Firefly's social media promises those are "coming... Continue Reading →

Firefly Festival Announces Flight to Firefly

Earlier this week, Firefly Music Festival announced the Flight to Firefly Tour - a series of concerts up and down the east coast featuring Hippo Campus (with special guest Samia). https://twitter.com/LiveAtFirefly/status/1087820586510884864 Flight to Firefly is connected with Firefly's new S.P.A.R.K. program - aimed at connecting with members of the community. ┬áIt seems like more and... Continue Reading →

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