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BOOOM!!! We got the Firefly schedule and the big news that Island Noodles is coming back (we may have already heard rumblings through the grapevine, but were excited to see that become official). The next big steps will be the last remaining announcements, the map and the app. Firefly’s social media promises those are “coming soon.” We can’t wait. For personal reasons, I am super excited to see the silent disco lineup – more on that in the future. In the meantime, we got a ton of news in the last few days and can’t wait run through it with you.

The schedules are here! And we don’t just mean the normal ones – there are so many schedules, so much music. For those who were worried that shortening the length of the festival would mean less music – your concerns should be addressed and then some. There is music in so many places. Let’s start with the main schedules. If you want a better view then you can also see them here.

With the schedule we are also getting our first taste of the new stage names and potentially clues to the setup. It will be interesting to see how things look (and sound) at the new stages – but it certainly sounds like things are going to be amazing.

Let’s start by talking about the schedule more generally, before breaking it down into more specifics – like our potential schedule.

Once the app is out, we assume you will be able to put together a personal schedule electronically like in years past. Frequently these apps will also send you push notifications, reminding you when something you indicated an interest in is about to happen. This is awesome, but if you are worried about a dying phone, planning ahead on a schedule will also help.

Over the years, we have seen tons of cool ways that people prepare and plan a schedule. They range from simply printing out the screenshots from the website to printing your own tiny schedule that is laminated. One of my favorite festival hacks is to find someone in the festival webpage who has turned the daily schedule into a lockscreen photo. That way you never have to actually pull out a paper or even use much battery to check.


We haven’t seen those circulate yet this year, but will keep any eye out. In the meantime, we are using our tried and true old school method of printing out the pages and highlighting what we are hoping to do. Hoping is an important word – because while it is good to plan, things won’t always go as planned and you may find that something catches your eye or that you don’t feel like ping ponging all over the grounds. I think I always enter a festival with grand plans of what I am going to do and see, but ultimately realize that I might be happier having some noodles in the grass while people watching rather than racing to make it to that next show. The most important thing about any festival, especially this one which is so close to our hearts, is to enjoy yourself. Soak up every moment, and while you may lay a complicated plan of 10 shows you want to see – remember to pace yourself and enjoy.

Ok now that I am done preaching . . . let’s dive in


For starters  there were some additions to the hub stages and those should definitely be something you consider in making your plan.

There are also schedules available for all of these performances. You can check them out here. 

Friday: Some highlights (also known as my personal schedule)

I want to be at the gate right at entry time, to experience that first moment. We have talked about being there for the moment the festival opens in other posts, so the short version is that there is nothing like the energy you will experience and I highly recommend it as often as possible – or at least once a festival.

After that it’s onto: Dennis Lloyd, TLC, some combination of Sir Sly, The Knocks and Awolnation, Evan Giia, Shaed, Panic at the Disco, and Zedd.

I don’t know what “The Great Bingo Revival” is but I love bingo (like the true old person that I am in inside) and so I will be there. Live Karaoke is also tempting, but I can’t miss Zedd and the promise of massive glowstick drops.

Wait! Oh!  As I write this, I just now saw X Ambassadors. Now that I have this printed and am highlighting – I am seeing so much more.

One other note, at 4:00 my husband will be DJing in the silent disco – so I will be there for sure as his biggest fan (actually probably second biggest). This means I won’t be seeing TLC which is a bummer but – family is most important.  As you can see, the plan starts changing even while it is being written. What are your can’t miss artists on Friday?



I am pumped for Saturday. Ok . . . confession . . . I am pumped for literally every moment of Firefly – but especially for Saturday. My plan looks like this…

I am definitely going to try and see Yoko Lore at the South Hub before heading inside the festival for the day.

Once I go in it will be back to the silent disco at 2:45 for another awesome DJ set from DJ Phamous, followed by Phosphorescent, White Panda or Flora Cash (still deciding), Hippo Campus, Half Alive, Mansionair, The Game Show and then Passion Pit.

60838340_2239348926113122_8856043704733925376_o (1)

Saturday is the day I am most excited about personally because of a few bands. I got to see Mansionair earlier this year at a festival out in Arizona and they were amazing. At that point, I already loved their music, but their live performance was fantastic. The other big reason is Half Alive – they are probably my favorite act right now, and I am super excited to get to see them for the first time. Finally (or until I find another reason to get excited again) I am stoked to get to see Hippo Campus in a festival atmosphere. I got to see them with SAMIA five times earlier this summer – all at indoor concerts and they were so much fun.

Sunday: The last day (sad face) 

So I know I am going to be starting to feel the festival in my old person body by Sunday, but I am definitely going to get myself up some how some way and head over to the South Hub to see SAMIA. I got the opportunity to see both Hippo Campus and SAMIA five times in a relatively short period of time earlier this summer, but I am definitely in withdrawal – so I don’t want to miss either of them.

After that, Lovelytheband, Nombe, AJR, Vampire Weekend (at least for a little), Two Feet , and then DJ Snake. I think. I am also super intrigued by Jukebox the Ghost’s Queen Set at the Treehouse.


All of this and we haven’t even looked at the sets going on at the Toyota Music Den or the Bud Light Dive Bar all weekend long. For those who aren’t familiar, in the past these stages have provided a much more intimate setting for sets, including acoustics. Providing an opportunity to be up close and to experience some of your favorite artists in a different setting. It is also worth taking a look at these schedules because they may help you make a decision between other sets, knowing that you will have the opportunity to see one of the bands at a different spot/time.

Two final thoughts:

First, it makes me super sad that the lineup for Sunday actually says “the end” after the last act. The closing out of the festival is always bittersweet, because it means going home to a hot shower and a cool bed – but also the end of a weekend of memories.

Second, we would love to see your schedule making techniques or your schedules. So please share them with us or tell us if we have left a can’t miss act off our list.

P.S. (so actually three thoughts) make time in your schedule to do and enjoy things that aren’t just music. Shop in the market, check out cool art and take photos. Head to the Dogfish tent for the special beers, and most importantly enjoy the festival food.

Can’t wait to see you all out there in less than a month!

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