Pot of Gold Festival 2019

So…let’s  talk about Pot of Gold Festival. They have a pretty stacked lineup in terms of headliners – so that is a huge positive. They initially released their lineup back in November – with full lineups for both Saturday and Sunday – and the promise of a Friday lineup to be announced later. Apparently, they meant much later. We pride ourselves at LTFL on radiating positivity – so we aren’t trying to throw shade on this, it has just been an unusual or slow rolling lineup release.

It is unclear exactly what happened, and there really hasn’t been much speculation online. Fans were mostly chill about it, but they were wondering both when the Friday lineup would come and what it would mean for the tickets they already bought.

On February 6th they tweeted about the confusion:

Two days later, on Friday – they tweeted that there would be an announcement on the 11th, today at 10:00. True to their word, they announced the beginnings of a Friday lineup right on time.


We now know that Ozuna will be headlining Friday, along with Snoop Dogg and Young Gunna and Nothing, Nowhere. So that’s a great start – and it looks like they may be shifting some talent from the other days over to Friday…They are continuing to communicate with fans, to run contests and to update the lineup as they can.

Stay tuned for more info as we get it.

Update: Pot of Gold has announced the addition of Ice Cube and that there will be another artist announcement tomorrow.

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