Pot of Gold Festival 2019

So...let's  talk about Pot of Gold Festival. They have a pretty stacked lineup in terms of headliners - so that is a huge positive. They initially released their lineup back in November - with full lineups for both Saturday and Sunday - and the promise of a Friday lineup to be announced later. Apparently, they... Continue Reading →

Bunbury Music Festival 2019 Lineup

For those who aren't crossword puzzle fiends - here is the lineup in a more traditional form: Check back shortly for more in depth analysis, a Spotify playlist and more!!!! In the mean time, tell us what you think here or over on twitter @fest_living

Bunbury Fest Final Hive Hint Clue

Bunbury Music Festival is scheduled to take place May 31 – June 2 in Cincinnati Ohio.  Over the last few weeks, the festival has been dropping Hive Hints, clues about acts on the lineup. We have shared a couple posts summarizing the hints and speculation on what the clues could mean. Today, Bunbury dropped their... Continue Reading →

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