Big News is Coming

Looks like the next couple of days are going to be big!!!! Really big!!!

Earlier today,  account announced that the lineup is coming! Tomorrow Night! Shout out to all the rumor mongers who kept claiming that it wasn’t coming.

Reports indicate that Woodstock Co-Founder Michael Lang will be joined in New York by John Fogerty and Common and as part of the panel discussion we will get the lineup.  Interestingly, the official Woodstock account hasn’t sent a tweet out that we have seen – but there are a lot of other sources:

We are also going to get news from the mystery festival that is Sad Summer Fest tomorrow. We don’t know a lot about what Sad Summer Fest is – but by the looks of the few bands that may or may not be associated, it seems like it could be interesting.

We are also expecting to see some more big drops this week from Lollapalooza and Osheaga. Lollapalooza has been posting quite a bit more lately and tickets are going on sale tomorrow. That usually means the lineup is close!

Given that we are in the midst of our second big wave of festival announcements, it wouldn’t be surprising to get more news (including from festivals that have already put lineups out). Stay tuned for exciting updates and lineups over the next few days and don’t forget to tell us which lineups you are excited about!




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