Woodstock 50: Lineup Drop

After so much anticipation, rumors, and speculation.  One of the most anticipated lineups of the year is finally here!


Wow! This lineup is strong. Someone pointed out online that just one of the daily top lines would and could be a strong set of festival headliners for a full festival. There are a ton of current big names on here, both past and present. Let’s break it down.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the “present” big names on this lineup are huge! There is a pretty good mix of rock, pop, and hip hop – and frankly the hip hop front is especially strong compared to many of the lineups out there. That said, one of the most interesting things are the so-called throw back acts.

After a quick look, I have seen: Santana, The Grateful Dead (Dead & Co.) , Crosby Stills and Nash (David Crosby and Friends), Creedence Clearwater Revival (John Fogerty), Country Joe McDonald, and Canned Heat. Let us know what else you see.

One of the coolest things, is that Dead and Co are playing on the same day (Saturday) as they played at the original Woodstock 50 years ago.

Woodstock is as well known for the experience it offers as it is for amazing music. One of  LTFL team pointed out that this is something so many people will want to do just to say you were there. In 25 years, do you want to say you skipped Woodstock? And just like that, she convinced a bunch of us that we do not want to say we skipped it.

There are just so many thoughts that come to mind in thinking about Woodstock. We have talked about it in some of our previous posts. It seems like every member of our group is experiencing different swirling thoughts about “Woodstock” as a concept as something bigger than just one festival. Don’t be surprised if you see more posts from several members of our team in the coming days and weeks.

For me, the one aspect that really comes to mind is that this is a festival that may have just as much meaning and draw for my parents as it would for me. From a taste and interest standpoint, many of us probably don’t have a lot in common with our parents – especially when it comes to music, but Woodstock is something that could mean just as much to me as it would to my mom. Maybe I am becoming sappy and sentimental in my 30s, but to me, the idea of cross-generational sharing that Woodstock evokes, is pretty unique and cool.

Oh and by the way, tickets seem like they won’t be going on sale until April 22 – so you have some time to save up and get ready.

Check back with us soon for more festival news and let us know what you think the Woodstock 50 lineup or Woodstock in general.

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