Living La Vida Couch-ella

Well, folks, it’s Coachella weekend one, so you know what that means: time to get crazy. On our respective couches. Because we don’t have tickets to Coachella. It’s Couch-ella, baby. One of my favorite festival season traditions.

Grab your favorite blanket, your tastiest snacks, your very best indoor flower crown and settle in for a weekend of watching bizarrely good-looking people who are presumably wealthier than you hang out in California for a few days. Tickets to Coachella are expensive and some will say over-hyped, and call me a Debbie Downer, but I just don’t want to camp out with 250,000 people in a desert. So Couch-ella presents itself as an extremely viable alternative. All joking aside, Couch-ella is a great way to catch some high-quality performances from the comfort of your own home.

Coachella has been live-streaming it’s performances since at least 2012, offering music fans around the world the opportunity to watch some of the year’s most buzz-worthy music moments. For whatever else you may think of the festival, there’s no denying that Coachella delivers some outstanding sets. It’s notoriously expansive radius clause prohibits artists who sign on with them from playing any other American festival from December-May, so for many artists on the lineup, their Coachella appearance is their first big set of the year. And many of them are determined to make it count. From Beychella, to holographic Tupac, these artists know how to perform.¬†And remember that time in 2015 when Madonna came out on stage and kissed Drake (much to his apparent dismay)? And, look, Yodeling Walmart Boy showed up last year. Coachella certainly delivers when it comes to “iconic” scenes.

While it’s too soon to tell which sets will make a splash this year, we’re sure that Childish Gambino and Rhianna’s film collab will be something to watch. I’m also looking forward to Billie Ellish, the talented teen whose debut album crashed onto the charts just weeks ago, and Maggie Rogers, a must-see act whose tour prices are currently way out of my price range. Couch-ella can also be a great opportunity to explore some new bands and little-known acts that might be coming to a festival near you this summer, so be sure to watch some of those earlier billed acts.

Head to to make your Couch-ella viewing schedule and stream their acts. Follow along with the show on Twitter with the hashtag #couchella and don’t forget to tweet us your favorite sets! Or your favorite snacks. Honestly, I really would love to receive tweets of your favorite snacks.


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