This Site Lets You Create Your Own Music Festival

Have you ever looked at a festival lineup and thought, “meh, I could do better”? A new service imagines what would happen if you could do just that. Playing into festival mania, a new website connects to your Spotify to design a custom lineup poster based on your listening habits.

“Festify” allows you to see what a festival would look like if it were based on your listening habits over the last month, the last six months, or your all-time habits. The poster for last month’s listen dubs the festival “Volcano Jam” and sports a graphic of dinosaurs. Your six-month listening history is the foundation of the earthy-sounding “Forestfest” and your all-time faves make up “Unholy Space 2019.” Radical.

I plugged my own stats in to see what I got. Looks like it’s pretty heavily inspired by the recent Jukebox the Ghost/Mowglis show I went to.



Given that this is my own listening history, this isn’t a surprise, but I’d totally go to these.

Make your own festival lineup here and let us know the headliners!  

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