Same Same But Different

Same Same But Different is back with the lineup for its second year. The two-day festival will take place September 20-21, 2019, in Perris Beach, California at the Lake Perris Recreational Campgrounds.

This festival is all about living up to its name. It’s a music festival – but different (in some very very cool ways).

Before we get to the lineup (scroll down if that’s what you are looking for) we want to take a preliminary look at some of the ways this festival distinguishes itself from the pack.

First, SSBD’s organizers founded the music and art event based on six core principles: “Respect and Embrace Our Differences, Explore New Genres of Music, Dance Play and Be Silly, Give More Than You Get, Strive to Leave All You Touch Better Than It Was When You Found It, and Explore and Be Free.”  In that same vein, they also believe that the location is just as important as the music. The setting, Lake Perris, offers not only a gorgeous landscape, but opportunities to really experience nature during the festival.

Second, the festival features no conflicts between set times . . . yep, that’s right. SSBD will have an alternating performance schedule to, in their words “allow[] attendees to experience each artist on the lineup without having to choose between overlapping set-times.” LTFL covered another festival with alternating set times earlier this year for the first time and it was amazing. It allows you to experience artists you might not otherwise get to see and provides a less rigorous festival experience – there’s no running around like crazy so that you don’t miss something.

It seems to me like the point of this festival is to take a breath and really soak in the experience of it all. The lack of overlapping set times really fits with that message and with SSBD’s other core principles too.

Third (and last for now): In addition to the music and art, this festival offers the opportunity to participate in tons of amazing outdoor activities on the same grounds as the festival. Some of our favorite festivals take place outside the busy confines of the big city – The Woodlands of Firefly, the beaches in Florida – and now we think we found another cool location to explore. According to the website, SSBD will offer you the chance to hike, paddleboard, camp, swim, do yoga, or go boating.

Ok just one little P.S. there is also apparently a beach bar that serves up fresh coconuts on the beach – we are sold.

We have mentioned all of this before even getting to the music part of things, which is also super important and cool. According to the producers, the lineup features electronic, funk and jam musicians – somewhere in the press kit I saw the words “funky souls” and that brought me back to the great jammy, funky bands I started the season with out in Arizona. Also, I love Baauer and never miss an opportunity to dance like a crazy person to the “Harlem Shake.”

SSBD-poster-2019 dates

Apparently, this is just the initial lineup and the expect at least a few more additions.

Check back soon for a Spotify playlist and more thoughts from us on SSBD. In the meantime, we would love to hear about your experiences at the festival last year (its first) or get any recommendations on artists to check out on the lineup.

For more info or to pick up passes visit the festival website here. 



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