10 Campsite Games That Aren’t Flip Cup, Corn Hole, or Pong.

Nothing beat the classics, but maybe this summer it’s time to mix things up a little!

There is nothing wrong with Pong, Flip Cup, or Corn Hole – they are great, classics, timeless. That said, sometimes it’s time to try something new, games the whole group can get in on. So call me a spoon because I’m about to mix it up!

1. Vocab

Two decks of cards happening at once!

All players sit in a circle. The first person holds the stack of cards and flips a card between themselves and the person to their right. Both players need to come up with a word that starts with the same letter as the name of that card (for example, if an EIGHT is flipped the players must come up with a word starting with E). The loser drinks. The deck is then passed to the right.

***LEVEL UP: Whoever starts the circle can pick a category that the word must fall under. For example, the category is PASTA, an ACE gets drawn and somebody says ANGEL HAIR.

2. Silent Library

This game involves a little prep before getting to the campsite. First thing you’ll need is 5-10 cards colored red or green with a majority being green. Second thing is a jar/hat/box full of fold cards with challenges written on them (ask each player to write five that way nobody knows all of them!). When it’s time to play, shuffle up the colored cards and place enough for each player. Count down to three and each player must grab a card randomly. Once each player has a card, count to three again and whoever has a RED card must then blindly pick a dare from the container. Shuffle the colored cards between each round so you never know how many RED cards will be pulled.

***Pro Tip: make extra game pieces so new friends can join!

Making friends!

3. Secret Sticker Strike

Each player has their own sheet of stickers. Throughout the day, the goal is to get rid of all your stickers by placing them on other players without them knowing. Whoever empties their sheet first, wins! BUT if someone catches you putting a sticker on them, you have to put that sticker on yourself. Whoever has the most stickers or the most of their own stickers loses!

4. Hide Away

Similar to Triple S, this game involves being sneaky. At the beginning of the trip, pick one item to be the hide away. Once the item is chosen, it should never be in the public eye again. Whoever has the item, must sneak it in to the possession of one of the other players (slip it in their bag, leave it under their pillow, etc.). If you are caught with the item (for example, if someone left it in your pocket and you pull it out when reaching for your phone) you lose. The goal is to pass it around the entire trip, never knowing who has it or where it is. The person who has it last loses.

***Pro Tip: the item should be small enough that you can be sneaky with it, and safe to entire festival grounds so you can continue the game!

5. That One Special Thing

My special thing was “TV Show Related Items”

This is a fun way to make friends at a festival. Before leaving, each person gets assigned a “special thing” that they will be attached to that weekend (for example: red shoes or purple hair). This should be common enough you’ll see it a few times throughout the weekend, but not something you’ll see every five minutes. Whenever they see that characteristic during the trip, they MUST go directly to it and stay with it as long as they can, without explaining why. The goal is to make friends with whoever has that special thing, without them knowing it’s a game. Warning: not for those who can’t handle uncomfortable conversation.

6. Rap Battle

This one is simple. Throughout the weekend, any participant can instigate a rap battle between another player at any point. This can be between each other, two random players, or a player and a stranger. If your flow isn’t the sickest or if you’re not fast on your feet, you lose!

7. Roll Call

This can be played at any point during the trip. Randomly, one person in the group yells “ROLL CALL”. In response, any player in the group can call somebody else’s name. You must call each person in your group’s name but here are the tricks: one person cannot say two names in a row, if your name is called you cannot speak until a new name is called (so if Suzy says “JEFF”, JEFF cannot say “DOUG!”, Jeff has to wait until a new name is called), and you have to move FAST. 

8. Drip, Drip, Drop

This was inspired by an old camp game we played when it was too hot to do anything else. All players sit in a circle, with one person standing outside. That player walks around the outside of the circle dripping a tiny bit of water on each player’s head, then picking one to get the full “drop” (yes, basically duck…duck…goose). The adult version: all players sit in a circle with one standing outside of the circle with a full beer funnel. That player walks the circle “dripping” a little beer in to each player’s mouth. Then, they pick one player to “drop” the full funnel and that player must start chugging.

***Pro Tip: you don’t need the funnel, can be played with just a can of beer or bottle of liquor if you’re insane.

9. Pirates’ Code

All great pirates followed a certain code, now make yours! Before a trip, write out a code with your group. Make up rules that all players must follow for the duration of the trip. Make sure it has a good mix to it of simple rules (whenever a pirate yells “ARGH!” all pirates must respond), average rules (one player refers to another as “Captain Hook!” and that player must now only use his hands cupped as hooks) and hard rules (start the trip with “0 bottles of *whatever you’re drinking* on the wall” and you must keep track and announce “___ bottles of ___ on the wall” for each drink you finish the full trip).

***Pro Tip: you do not need to stick to the pirate theme!

10. Beer Burglar

Have you ever played capture the flag? Perfect. This is the adult version. Split your group in to two teams (if your limited to the size of your campsite, maybe go 2v2 instead). Split the playing area down the middle. Each team gets one beer per person (6 players, 6 beers). They can place those beers anywhere on their side of the playing grounds. Each player then places a t-shirt in the waist band of their pants that is easily accessible (you can also bring flags, ribbons, etc. but t-shirts are easy and already packed!). Once the game starts, the goal is to get as many of the other team’s beers as you can! Be careful though, once you’re on the other team’s side they can get you out by pulling the t-shirt from your waist band. Whoever gets all of the other team’s beers wins!

*ALTERNATIVE PLAY: Once you grab another team’s beer, shot gun it on their side to show off! Think of fun ways an “out” player can get back in to the game like dizzy bat, flip cup, or other games on the side!

So there you have it, 10 Campsite Games that aren’t Pong, Flip Cup, or Corn Hole. I hope this helps turn your camping experience up a notch, and maybe make you some new friends! Have fun this festival season!

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