Camp Flog Gnaw: The Acts You Need to See

Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival recently released their 2019 lineup, and it’s got some unbeatable acts on it. The headliners always get the glory, but let’s take a look at our top choices for the undercards. For more on Camp Flog Gnaw, check out our other posts here.

1. slowthai

slowthai is a rapper from across the pond. If you’re looking for an intimate performance, slowthai may fall under this…but don’t expect anything to be stripped down (other than maybe his clothes). This English rapper has no fear of diving in to his crowd and getting them involved in the show. With music similar to that of BROCKHAMPTON, his music is easy to add to your playlist.

Our song recommendation: “Nothing Great About Britain”, a tribute to the land slowthai calls home.

2. Willow Smith

Maybe you remember her from her days of whipping her hair back and forth, but if you haven’t checked out Willow’s recent releases you are missing out.

With a sultry, almost throaty voice, Willow Smith has been making her own name (and it’s saying something that she is able to stand out with such a talented family) and at only 18! Her RNB grooves are catchy yet thoughtful, all of which will make you want to swing your hips.

Our song recommendation: “Overthing IT” or her TikTok trending hit “Wait a Minute!”

3. Omar Apollo

Omar Apollo mixes bits and pieces of jazz, hip hop, bedroom pop, and Americana, creating a seamless blend. His soft voice pulls you in to the music and will have you feeling like he is singing just to you. Live, he is active and engaged with his audience making every performance feel inclusive and tailored to the people in that room.

Our song recommendation: “Hearing Your Voice”, a ballad of love gone wrong.

4. Na-Kel Smith

The multi-talented Na-Kel Smith is known for his music, skateboarding, and fashion. He can also be seen in a handful of films, including Mid90s, released just last year.

While we haven’t had the opportunity to catch him live yet, there is no doubt Na-Kel Smith’s set will be one you don’t want to miss. His music flows from chill bars to hyped up moshing.

Our song recommendation: “Go”, a great song to get you ready to be reckless.

5. Destiny Rogers

Last but not least, the girl you always wished you could be or could be with: Destiny Rogers. Skateboarding Cali-Girl turned singer-songwriter, Destiny’s music gives you the confidence of the girl next door. Pop in the lightest sense of the term. Her music is easy on the ears with lyrics that tell the story of this 19 year old, bringing both emotional and danceable beats. Her music hits home while also keeping the festival energy up! 

Our song recommendation: “Strong Ones” which talks about the struggles of being exactly that.

There you have it, a list of artists you need to see at Camp Flog Gnaw this November. Now let us know, who will you be seeing?

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