Same Same But Different 2019 – Recap

Same Same But Different, back for its’ second – year, is a very different kind of festival (in some very cool ways). The two-day festival took place September 20-21, 2019, in Perris Beach, California at the Lake Perris Recreational Campgrounds.

SSBD’s organizers founded this music and art event based on six core principles: “Respect and Embrace Our Differences, Explore New Genres of Music, Dance Play and Be Silly, Give More Than You Get, Strive to Leave All You Touch Better Than It Was When You Found It, and Explore and Be Free.”  In that same vein, they also believe that the location is just as important as the music. The setting, Lake Perris, offered not only a gorgeous landscape, but opportunities to experience nature during the festival.

The festival also features no conflicts between set times to, in their words “allow[] attendees to experience each artist on the lineup without having to choose between overlapping set-times.” LTFL covered another festival with alternating set times earlier this year for the first time and it was amazing. It seems to us that the point of SSBD is to take a breath and really soak in the experience of it all. 

One more extra cool thing about our SSBD coverage is that we will once again be introducing you to a new, guest member of our LTFL team. Leslie is an amazing photographer, a college student, and an intern with our good friends at TicketDM. 

Without further ado – Let’s here from Leslie about the experience: 

Same Same But Different is a quite a unique festival. Like most festivals, it featured talented musicians and fine artists – but the main vibe I felt during my time there was pure freedom.

I arrived on Saturday afternoon in Lake Perris and I’ll be honest  . . . it was freaking hot! Unless you roll up in a big RV with all the comforts of temperature control, make sure to dress light and hydrate! As far as accommodations go, you can camp out in an RV or setup a tent – even right next to the lake. 

After grabbing all my gear I headed to the badge pickup and everything went very smoothly. One thing I am all about at festivals or any kind of event is great staff and Same Same has got it. The staff were super friendly and happy to help everyone there. 

So I got the gear, grabbed the badge, now it was time to head in. Normally, when you enter a festival you immediately encounter a lively crowd – but it was hot and the festival’s waterfront location meant the crowd had  headed for the water. This is one really neat aspect of the festival, because you can swim and float and still hear and experience the music. During the hot spells everyone would take their big floaties and make-shift boats and chill in the water.  

After chilling on the beach and chatting with some campers, I headed for the music. The festival had dual stages but the acts do not play at the same time. While one is playing on one stage, the other is setting up on a second. This was a great perk because you don’t have to miss out on any acts. And to emphasize this again, the stages are also both so close that you could enjoy the music from the water.

All the bands were amazing!

Mimi Zulu brought a chill mood with her soulful voice. Even though her set was in the late afternoon and it was still hot, her magnetism was difficult to ignore. She managed to draw a big crowd and everyone swayed and danced with the music.

Later in the early evening, as the sun began to set, everyone began to emerge from their tents and mingle more. The first band to go up for the night was Boostive and they were a treat. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what genre they are. Dub, jazz, world, hip-hop all rolled into one. Everyone was feeling this band and the vibes really took off from here! Hula hoop dancers, crazy costumes, loud music and lots of vibes. 

As it grew darker, the music also grew more and more wild. By 8 o’clock it was electronic dance in full force. Everyone brought out their crazy costumes and went nuts. Cofresi with his mix of djing and live drumming was a blast and I could not resist dancing to his fire remix of the classic Mr.Sandman.

The last highlight was all the artwork around the beach. The fine artists acted as kind of performers themselves since they were creating pieces live (sometimes even with the musicians on stage). I spoke with Los Angeles based artist Chris Param who creates incredible collages out of magazines. Later I caught him by the music stage dancing away.

That was the best thing about the festival. It was a very loose experience where you could be watching the artist on stage and later end up dancing with them by the end of the night. No egos, just artistic freedom.

As always, we love to hear from our fellow festival goers. Please tell us all about your experience or what your favorite aspects of the festival were. Do you have tips we missed? Because if so, we always love to catch those too.

Last but not least, special thanks to Same Same But Different for having us out and to Leslie for doing a fantastic job covering the festival for us. Her pictures were amazing and we look forward to hearing from her more often!! 

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