INTERSECT Music Festival 2019 – New Festival Alert

It is time to talk about an awesome new festival. Intersect Music Festival is set to take place in Las Vegas December 6-7, 2019. This festival comes from Amazon Web Services (an company). In fact, the idea for Intersect was inspired by AWS annual after party as part of its re:Invent conference, which has been held in Las Vegas since 2012. The name Intersect appears to be intended to describe a multi-dimensional festival experience focused on the intersection music, technology and art. Hopefully at this point you are thinking “go on . . . tell me more.”

Intersect will take place on a custom built site at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds. According to the festival’s website – the site will provide one million square feet of games and interactive spaces “including a video arcade, post-apocalyptic dodgeball stadium, and mega-sized ball pit with over 200,000 balls.” I don’t know about you, but I am personally a huge fan of ball pits. Funny side story here – apparently as a child I would go into the ball pits at McDonalds and then refuse to come out to my pleading parents. Usually this standoff would end with one of my parents (usually my dad) having to climb in and drag my out. I have matured, so I promise not to do this at Intersect.


The festival released most of its lineup awhile back, and the second phase – adding a bunch of awesome and varied talent arrived earlier this week. Most of the talent on this lineup needs no introduction – so we will let it speak for itself.

One of the coolest things (besides the ball pit of course) is that the festival will feature a drone light show celebrating women in technology – with country sweetheart Kacey Musgraves as its creative director. This is definitely one of the most unique things we have heard about this festival season.

Let us know if you will be headed out to Vegas in December or if there are artists on the lineup you would recommend. Stay tuned we will be back with more info on this fest soon!


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