Hijinx Festival 2019: Full Send

It’s official – there are TWO, count ‘em TWO months until the best day of the year. It’s not Christmas, it’s not New Years, it’s the first day of the two-day bass bender that is Hijinx Music Festival. Returning to the Philadelphia convention center for its second year, Hijinx promises to bring in both a huge crowd and awesome acts.

Let’s talk about the most beautiful thing I’ve seen since the big man upstairs knows when: the lineup. We were ready to take a trip farther away, but when we saw the Hijinx lineup it was like a dream come true. This is a lineup I would have built myself top to bottom. This lineup is euphoric in every which way.


The headliners include some of the highest billed DJs in the game – rightfully so. Pulled from every basshead’s dream the top of the lineup brings: Bassnectar, Excision b2b Slander, Zeds Dead. Mix it with one of the OGs himself, Skrillex, and the funky saxophone of Griz, and the symphonic melodies of Porter Robinson – and you have two days full of the top headliners in the game. But it doesn’t stop there. The depth in the festival goes much further than the heavy hitting headliners. Big Wild, Clozee, Subtronics, Droeloe, Kittens, Sodown, Underachievers, & Zion I will also be making heads bang & asses shake December 27th & 28th.

Last December, in the inaugural year, this festival turned the convention center into a safe and expressive space for those traveling from all over during the hectic holiday season. Inflatable alien monster creatures, wide open room to dance and sing, and the cutest vendors run by the sweetest humans. That’s the thing about festivals like Hijinx, everyone is so genuine. I do not have a negative thing to say about my experience last year.

There was so much space for dancing and a freedom to move and get groovy with your crew, and everyone supported it. From front to back the crowd was just there to bond over the love of live music, people who came alone were taken into friend groups and made to feel at home, people all around were vibing with others. The set up of the convention center made this indoor winter fest feel just as good as an outdoor summertime experience. They had food and drink stations in multiple areas throughout, a line of vendors upon entering, and a stage that gave all in attendance a great view.

Looking ahead into this year, the Hijinx official website reported: “The salt of the half sends may remain, but the hearts, minds and souls of full senders will melt again with even more lights, lasers, video, monsters and a brand new custom sound system.”

FULL SENDS ONLY! Even more lights, lasers, videos, monsters and A NEW CUSTOM SOUND SYSTEM. I can feel the bass rattling my bones already.

If you love EDM and Hijinx not on your radar it needs to be. This is truly a fest where you will feel at home. We’re ready for you Hijinx, you are our Christmas. Let’s freaking get it.


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