5 Emerging Artists for Your Summer 2021 Playlist

It may be June but it’s never too late to add some fresh music to your summer playlist. Below are our five picks for emerging artists you’re going to want to get ahead of (in no particular order!).

Link to Afraid by America Loves Me on Youtube
  1. America Loves Me
    I’ll be honest here – hyper pop took a minute to grow on me. But if there is one artist who stood out during my introduction, it was America Loves Me. Blending hypnotic synthesizers, well placed vocals and soothing guitar tracks America Loves Me brings a truly unique sound to the table. 

    Our Recommendation: Faith

Link to FTCU ft. Ddm & Kotic Courture by Miss Kam on Youtube
  1. Miss Kam 

    There is no way to release this list during hot girl summer without mentioning Baltimore artist Miss Kam. Releasing her first album “Tew Faced” just in 2020, Miss Kam has already carved out a spot for herself in the rap world and we are sure we’ll be hearing plenty more from her soon.

    Our Recommendation: Solar Return

Link to A-O-K by Tai Verdes on Youtube
  1. Tai Verdes
    With multiple viral hits on TikTok, Tai Verdes is quickly moving his way to the top. With relatable lyrics and stand out choruses, it is hard not to put his music on repeat until you know all the words. With only one album out, we are looking forward to seeing more from Verdes.

    Our Recommendation: DRUGS

Link to Sirens by Mia Giovina on Youtube

4. Mia Giovina
Another TikTiok success story heading to the big leagues, Mia Giovina’s debut single “Sirens” hit the ground running. A sultry voice over comforting acoustics, this is the music you listen to wrapped in a blanket with a bottle of wine. Her lyrics are carefully written to touch your heart, and backed with beautiful harmonies – it’s hard not to connect.

Our Recommendation: Sirens
While you’re here – check out our interview with Mia Giovina!

Link to Do I Fit In Your Shoes by BabyJake on Youtube

5. BabyJake
If you are looking for your feel good song of the summer, look no further. BabyJake offers pop tracks made for driving with the windows open. His catchy hooks easily get stuck inside your head, keeping him on an endless loop in your brain.

Our Recommendation: Head in The Clouds

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