Fest Preview: Rolling Loud California 2021

Ooooowwwweeeee folks it has been a summer so far over here! In my few month leave of absence from posting I’ve been to 6 different states, 4 different time zones & spent almost all of my money. HOWEVER, during this time I made one of my most exciting purchases to date. That’s right, as you could probably tell by the title I bought tickets to Rolling Loud California.

I’ve unfortunately missed Rolling Loud’s staple festival in Miami for the past few years but have been dying to go. When tickets sold out quickly this year I was heartbroken, looking at resale prices and my wallet not knowing how I’d make it work. Then along comes the glorious announcement that is a Southern California dream. After some convincing, planning, & playlist making, I convinced my friends who have never been to a festival with me to buy tickets the MINUTE they were released. Now the countdown is on.

Look, if you like rap and hip hop this lineup is a godsend. A dream. An immaculate conception.

Off the bat the daily headliners are three of my favorite artists. Kid Cudi’s music has gotten me through some of the toughest times in my life, and has been a consistent blast in my headphones since middle school over ten years ago. J Cole? Jermaine. Cole. The last time I was able to see J Cole live was high school, and I’ve been dying to again ever since. Every song has been a hit. AND FUTURE?! I can’t even get started on that man. His music never fails to get me going, and his attitude has been something I’ve been trying to embody recently if you catch my drift.

As amazing as these headliners are the depth of this lineup is what seriously reeled me in. There is not one line on the poster where I don’t know an artist, not one line that I would miss out on. Some of the biggest names in rap music are performing in one place in one weekend. From heavy hitters, to the boss ass women who are taking over the rap game, to up and coming artists who bop, top to bottom this lineup is easily one of the best I’ve seen (personally).  I am counting down the days until December 10th, and the moment I can feel the bass and energy of the NOS Event center take over my soul.

Tickets are sold out but click the link below to join the waitlist!


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