Forecastle 2022 Lineup

Bourbon and music lovers unite! Unless you’re just a bourbon lover, or just a music lover. That’s okay too! The point of this whole thing is to let you know that the Forecastle 2022 lineup has officially been released! The fest will once again take place on Memorial Day Weekend in Louisville, KY. After missing two years due to a pandemic that will not be named, Forecastle is back with a vengeance. Check out the Forecastle 2022 lineup below!

Forecastle 2022 Lineup

Forecastle Lineup Thoughts

At first glance, the lineup is really surprising when comparing it to the Forecastle lineups of years past. With that said, the lineup still has a huge appeal to festival goers from around the country. Especially at a price point under $200 for a GA pass, getting the opportunity to see all of these artists is an absolute steal. Jack Harlow, a Louisville native, headlining the first night back after an unanticipated hiatus is a very classy move by the Forecastle team.

As I always try to do, here are some artists to check out before you make your trip down the bourbon trail to Forecastle. I’m going to cheat on the first one, in case you haven’t checked out my Okee lineup post and read about my Tai Verdes recommendation. He’s going to be a star, ’nuff said. In addition to Tai, KennyHoopla and Glaive are two artists I discovered in 2021 that are quickly leaving their marks on their respective scenes.

For a lineup announcement, I won’t dive into the awesome features of Forecastle like their Bourbon Lodge but who knows? Maybe it’ll make an appearance in a future “reasons to make the trip to Forecastle” post. Who are you most excited to see at Forecastle 2022? What do you think of the genre shift that they went with this year? What is your favorite vegetable? Let me know in the comments!

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